Precision Knife Sharpening
Precision Knife Sharpening

Precision Knife Sharpening By Mail

1 Order
Place your order online from our secure order form adding new items from our accessories store as desired (optional). Once checkout is complete, you will receive a receipt along with shipping instructions.

2 Package
Wrap each knife individually in newspaper, place them in a sturdy box and pack tight with additional newspaper. Include a copy of your invoice (emailed to you after checkout) and seal the box securely. More info...

3 Send
Attach your printed mailing label to the package and ship with the reliable carrier of your choice. Insure your package if you desire. Precision Knife Sharpening will let you know when your knives arrive at our shop.

4 Receive
Once your knives have been serviced, Precision Knife Sharpening will ship your knives back to you via US Postal Service Priority Mail insuring them as you specified. You'll receive an email when your knives are on their way.

Knife and Accessories Store:
While placing your knife sharpening order, you are welcome to add new items to your purchase from our accessories store. We offer sharpening steels to maintain your edge between service, knife guards for storing your knives and keeping them safe, as well as other accessories for getting the most out of your knives.

We also carry the Meridian elité line of Messermeister knives in our knife store. These highly polished forged knives combine old-world European craftsmanship with modern super-sharp edges.

Knives and accessories will be mailed to you along with your sharpened knives. Store orders that do not include knife sharpening will ship immediately after order confirmation.

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Precision Knife Sharpening

Quick & Easy

Why have your knives professionally sharpened?
All knives lose their edge over time, even if you use a sharpening steel on a regular basis. Periodic sharpening by professionals will ensure that your knives have the proper angle and will help the blades maintain their edge longer.

How does it work?
This is a mail-order service. After placing your order online, simply package your knives and mail them directly to Precision Knife Sharpening. Upon receipt, skilled craftsmen will sharpen your kitchen and sport knives to the perfect angle and mail them back to you typically within one business day. You will receive email communications throughout the process informing you of the status of your order.

* Customers in the Washington, DC area may drop off their knives in person. Click here for details.

About Us

Craftsmanship and Service
We use a state of the art sharpening system that removes the least amount of metal from the blade and provides a consistently sharper, durable edge at the proper angle. Your knives will be sharpened by experienced craftsmen who will help you protect your investment.

Through years of experience in the professional kitchen and culinary classroom, the PKS team has selected professional quality products that will help home cooks realize their potential in the kitchen.

If you have questions regarding our knife sharpening service or accessories store, feel free to contact us anytime for a personal response.

Precision Knife Sharpening
Precision Knife Sharpening