COVID-19 UPDATE: Yes, we are open for business! Rest assured your knives and other tools are welcome in our shop, plus we clean and sanitize each item before returning them to you. Local customers can use our contactless drop-off and pick-up process.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does this work?
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!!

1. ORDER: Place your order online . Once checkout is complete, you will receive a receipt along with shipping instructions.

2. PACKAGE: Please wash your knives thoroughly before sending them.  Wrap each knife individually in newspaper, place them in a sturdy box and pack tight with additional newspaper. Include a copy of your invoice (emailed to you after checkout) and seal the box securely.

3. SEND: Ship your knives to us with the reliable carrier of your choice. Insure your package if you desire. Precision Knife Sharpening will let you know when your knives arrive at our shop.

4. RECEIVE: Once your knives have been serviced, Precision Knife Sharpening will ship your knives back to you via US Postal Service Priority Mail insuring them as you specified. You'll receive an email when your knives are on their way.

How long does it take?
We typically service orders the next business day after receiving your knives, then we ship back to you via USPS Priority Mail, which typically takes two days.  

How much does it cost?
Cost is based on blade length as follows:
Up to 8 inches $5
8.1-10 inches $6
10.1-12 inches $7
12.1- 14 inches $8
14.1-16 inches $9
16.1-18 inches $10

What is your sharpening process?

We use a state of the art sharpening system that removes the least amount of metal from the blade and provides a consistently sharper, durable edge at the proper angle.  We use a variety of methods, each tailored to the type of knife. Your knives will be sharpened by experienced craftsmen who will help you protect your investment. We consider the details of our process to be proprietary information. Our customer base is very satisfied with our service, and we believe you will be as well.

Can you repair broken tips?
Yes, with the understanding that some re-shaping may be required for severe damage. The charge is $5 per knife. Order "Tip Repair" to your cart for each knife that needs work.

How should I prepare my knives for shipping?
See shipping instructions here 

Why did I receive my sharpened knives in the same box?
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Whenever possible, PKS will return your knives in your original packaging or re-use other packaging we have on hand. Any packaging that is not reusable will be recycled.

Why should I have my knives professionally sharpened?
All knives lose their edge over time, even if you use a sharpening steel on a regular basis. Periodic sharpening by professionals will ensure that your knives have the proper angle and will help the blades maintain their edge longer.

What are your policies on shipping, damage, refunds, privacy, etc?

Please review our general policies and privacy policy elsewhere on the website.

Do you sharpen serrated knives?

Do you sharpen sport/hunting knives?

Do you sharpen ceramic knives?
No, we do not sharpen ceramic knives. Please consult the manufacturer.

Do you sharpen paper cutter blades?
No, we do not.

Do you sharpen lawn and garden tools?
We do sharpen certain tools - please contact us to discuss your needs.

Do you sharpen scissors?
No, we do not. Try your local fabric or sewing machine store.

Do you sharpen straight razors?
No, we do not. 

Do you sharpen pocket knives?

Do you sharpen Japanese-style knives?


I live in the Washington, DC metro area. Can I drop off my knives at your shop instead of mailing them to you?
Sure!  Place your order online, then drop off your knives at our Alexandria location. See more details via the top menu on the home page.

Can I wait at your shop for my knives to be serviced?
No. As much as we love visiting with our customers, our location is not zoned for commercial business traffic.


How should I care for my knives between services?
Maintain your knife edges with a honing steel each time you use your knives. This helps to maintain your knife edge.

Wash and dry your knives by hand (not in the dishwasher!) and then store your knives properly in a knife block or in a knife guard. Use a cutting board that does not damage your edge. A wooden or polyurethane cutting board is perfect!


What is the background of the company?
Precision Knife Sharpening was founded by chef and culinary instructor Dave Arnold. Over the years, Dave recognized that the most common problem for the home cook is knives that are not properly sharpened. Too often, the most used tools of both the home and professional kitchen are not properly maintained. He founded PKS so cooks could realize their potential in the kitchen using tools that perform at their best.

How do I contact you?
You can reach us by email at or by phone at 703-519-0330.