Shipping Your Knives

This packing method will help your knives travel safely to our shop:

  1. Wash knives thoroughly before packing.
  2. To prevent knives from piercing through your packaging while in transit, protect the tips in some way – we like to use pieces of wine corks or rubber tubing.  PLEASE DO NOT PUT TAPE ON THE BLADES.
  3. Wrap your knives in several layers of newsprint, bundling the knives together, then tape the entire bundle securely.  See example photos below.
  4. Pack your knives in a box, not an envelope!
  5. Cushion the knives with more newsprint or other packing material to keep them from moving in the box.
  6. Ship to us via your favorite carrier.  Our address is:
Precision Knife Sharpening
7 East Glendale Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301






    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
    Whenever possible, PKS will return your knives in your original packaging or re-use other packaging we have on hand. Any packaging that is not reusable will be recycled.